Review: The Beaumonts – Hey Y’all It’s (The Beaumonts)

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The Beaumonts
Hey Yall It’s (The Beaumonts)

Saustex Media
Street: 06.16
The Beaumonts = Mojo Nixon + Uncle Tupelo

After the third track, I couple smell the cheap beer, crack and Vaseline pumping from this album. Listeners beware: If you’re easily offended, skip this album and kindly fuck off. Dirty guitar, matched with just foul lyrics that strip the veneer off “country living” with a Squidbilly sense of humor, The Beaumonts bring it home. Steve Vegas‘ guitar work makes you wish Outlaw Country was still a mainstream thing, Troy Wayne Delco‘s Texas croons a pack Marlboro and a shot Wild Turkey—George Jones would be proud of the antics in their music. I love their “fuck you” attitude towards the faux-country movement being pushed by the likes of Toby Keith—having been raise on Willie, Merle and Cash, “Change My Name” is how I feel about the “Red Dirt Road”–turdscape being smeared on your speakers these days. Overall, this is a tight country album that you could play proudly to your older family members and watch slowly shrink into their seats. If you get the opportunity, play this in a dank honky tonk on a Wednesday night or in your living room with a 30 pack. –Alex Cragun