Black Ships

Review: The Black Ships – Dead Empires

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The Black Ships
Dead Empires

Street: 12.15.15
The Black Ships = Joy Division + The Smiths + Tears for Fears

The Black Ships’ sophomore effort is the perfect marriage of ’80s goth and post-punk. Dead Empires shows off the perfect pairing of addictive drumbeats, hauntingly beautiful vocals and bass lines that haven’t sounded this masterful in three decades. We are hit right away with the title track’s bass line, followed by a hypnotic guitar riff and the chilling and magnificent voice of John Gill. Despite being 30 years late to the party, The Black Ships’ sound could easily rival the likes of New Order, Depeche Mode and Morrissey. Dead Empires sounds like the perfect ’80s rock album you’ve been hunting around at Greywhale for. For any ’80s goths or anyone just down to groove to The Black Ships’ vintage and hypnotic sound, Dead Empires is a must-have. –Connor Brady