The Blue Angel Lounge
A Sea of Trees
A Recordings
Street: 05.20
The Blue Angel Lounge = Screen Vinyl Image + Nico 

The influence of German-born singer Nico on The Blue Angel Lounge doesn’t stop at their name, which is taken from the venue in New York City where she first played in the U.S. Singer Nils “O” Ottensmeyer’s voice croons in a similar range to Nico’s, and, especially on tracks like “Desolate Sands” and “As Cold As The Moon,” over similar chamber-folk stylings. Underpinning the moodiness of O’s gothic tenor are psych-goth dirges such as “In Distance” and “Quartz,” while halfway through the 40-minute album, “Walls” provides a cool distillation of the band’s sounds. Released on Anton Newcombe’s (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) label A Recordings, A Sea of Trees is sure to satisfy anyone with a penchant for goth-a-delic drama. –Christian Schultz