The Breaklites
I ♥ America
Street: 01.07
The Breaklites = The Internet + Murs
I ♥ America is the most recent project from The Breaklites out of Tacoma, Wash. This eight-track album sounds like hometown, suburban rap. The flows are great examples of simple hip-hop storytelling with an added ’80s funk-electro vibe. In the opening track, “Fill It Up,” they discuss love—“We got American cures for American girls … There’s a hole in your heart, girl, you better fill it up with cocaine, Vicodin and rich men.” In the title track, they dissect their ideas of what the American Dream has evolved into—“Corporations are people and the dollar is king.” I’ll keep a couple songs on a pregame playlist and the rest are worth listening to for the interesting story and upbeat rhythm. I’ll be curious to see what their upcoming projects will bring. –Allie Russell