The Breakup Society
So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time…
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Street: 12.28.12
Breakup Society = Bob Dylan + The Killers + The Saint Alvia Cartel – punk

I had no idea how to put this band into a certain genre—this album had a mixture between indie rock and pop/rock, with little sprinkles of this and that in the mix. The album has a ’60s-infused rock sound, very similar to that of The Beatles, on such songs like “The Upward Spiral” and “Your Invitation to Quit.” Then there are songs like “The Next Reunion” with a twist of ska and rock— it includes an upbeat rhythm from the guitar and some horns in the chorus. Most of their songs tended to be a lot more slow and calming, unlike “Here Comes Floyd” with its distorted power chords giving a little more ‘oomph’ to the album. A lot of the songs live up to the name of the album—mostly singing about heartbreak through a cynical, satirical sense of humor, which I dig along with the variety of sounds on this album. –Eric U. Norris