the cairo gang goes missing album cover

Review: The Cairo Gang – Goes Missing

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the cairo gang goes missing album cover


The Cairo Gang
Goes Missing

Street: 06.23
The Cairo Gang = The Brian Jonestown Massacre + The Church

Where should I start? The Cairo Gang’s Goes Missing features a splendid array of music. To start, the group’s ever talented singer, Emmett Kelly, has a vocal range similar to Michael Hutchence (INXS), and the band can pick up the pace just as well as they slow it down. The lead track sounds like a Church song with those soothingly deep vocals, yet it’s directly followed by a more groovy, upbeat tune—like something from The Byrds! The album loosely follows that pattern throughout, constantly surprising with varying vibes in each track. “Some Other Time” takes a soft approach to crooning, backed with an upright bass and nothing else. The track precedes another Church-esque song—and I’m all right with that. From soft ballads to groovy licks, Cairo Gang’s got you covered—I can tell you that. –Dylan Evans