The Capitalist Kids
At A Loss
Toxic Pop Records
Street: 04.08.14
The Capitalist Kids = Lagwagon + The Menzingers + Alkaline Trio
With the opening track “Not ’95” setting the mood for the album, I realize how hilarious it really is. The Capitalist Kids are pop punk in every way, shape and form—the core of their music is driven by melodies and lyrics of politics and pretty chicks. Opener “Not ’95” takes every assumption one can throw at a pop punk band (in this day and age) and owns it. The rest of the album adheres to type of lyrics in that track—“Closer To You” and “I Gotta Hold on to You” hold to their lovey-dovey side, while “Minimum Rage” and “Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet” take up the political end. There are those who consider pop punk to be a dead genre—that the genre’s bands have become redundant versions of each other—but The Capitalist Kids see it as an excuse to start a band that makes fun of those proclamations. –Eric U. Norris