The Catbirds
Catbirds Say Yeah
Itty Bitty
Street: 08.21.12
Catbird = Lynyrd Skynyrd + Smash Mouth
Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh here, but I dreaded reviewing this album. Southern rock doesn’t have to be an homage to the dying art. Twangy, grinding guitars break randomly into progressive solos. I felt like I was overhearing a TV in the adjacent room playing one of those awkward Time-Life Singers and Songwriters commercials, but they were introducing a strange, assorted collection of ’70s and ’90s rock. Listening to this album was like drinking a glass of half-mixed Metamucil—it’s uncomfortable and grainy, but carries a productive message?  I will admit, Catbird is definitely more charming than Smash Mouth, and “All I Wanna Do is Love You,” which features a melancholy cello, is endearing and “dissolves” because the country is replaced by psychedelia. Let’s be creative, guys. Old-school blues rock with empty lyrics is no longer acceptable.