The Copy Scams
Copy & Destroy
Lunchroom Records/Bus Stop Press
Street: 08.10.13
Copy Scams = Xtramedium + (Peach Kelli Pop + an octave)
I would have really liked this band when I was a shoplifting, dumpster-diving 19-year-old. Alex Wrekk, author of Stolen Sharpie Revolution and the Brainscan zine, fronts this novelty band that plays lo-fi pop punk songs about zines. This 10” slab of red vinyl starts with a zine-intro parody and is full of inside jokes for zinesters: love/hate lists, zine fest romances and a song about copy scams, of course. The record comes with a zine full of song lyrics, cartoons and extended love/hate lists. The band explains that this record, and the band itself, is a joke that just went too far—really far, considering that they went from Portland and France to record this and tour in the UK. Salt Lake expat Paul Burke plays drums on this record—I don’t personally know him, but maybe you do. This is a must-listen if you like DIY punk shit. Find it at Raunch or Bandcamp. –Cody Kirkland