Dad Horse Experience

Best of Dad Horse Experience

Sacred Flu Productions

Street: 04.15

Dad Horse Experience = Hank Williams + Earl Scruggs + Tom Waits

Dad Horse Ottn is a bit of a late bloomer. At the age of 39, Ottn learned to play the banjo and dedicated himself to being a traveling musician.

A German playing traditional American gospel music mixed with stories and original songs, you can’t help but listen. Preaching what he calls the “Keller Gospel” or Cellar Gospel, Ottn preaches his own brand of redemption. Confessional lyrics with a Sons of Perdition–meets–Johnny Cash tone, Ottn croons quirky Appalachian blues with a strong accent.

I discovered Ottn’s music a couple years ago and this “best of” is a nice highlight of his work. Songs like “Kingdom It Will Come” and “Ganz war ich nie” are my favorites on the album, poetic profanity of a sullied soul seeking absolution. I don’t believe in god, but I believe in what Ottn has to say. –Alex Cragun