The Dandelion War
Opposite Shores
Street: 11.18.14
The Dandelion War = God Is An Astronaut / Explosions In The Sky

It’s easy to settle for contradictions in music. Referring to something as ambient noise can have a contradictory effect, but the two genres of sound share many similarities and are commonly referred to as post-rock when combined. Opposite Shores is a work of ambient noise that’s powerful enough to call to mind a post-rock band as hailed as Sigur Rós. When you consider the band’s name, The Dandelion War, you can guess that they’re probably comfortable with contradictions. What do dandelions and war have in common? Nonetheless, that pairing of words effectively describes the band’s magnificent sound. Their focus on crescendos and warm washes of reverb from string instruments adds a sense of elegance to their music that generally inspires and rarely turns to despair. Opposite Shores is a great step forward for The Dandelion War, and I hope to hear whatever they release next. –Justin Gallegos