The Dandy Warhols
Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia: Live At the Wonder

Beat the World/The End Records
Street: 01.27
The Dandy Warhols = Oasis + Velvet Underground – Brian Jonestown Massacre

2014 is a year of many anniversaries in indie music. Kurt Cobain’s suicide tends to overshadow the rest, but 1994 was also the year the Dandy Warhols were founded by a quartet of Portlanders, perhaps the proto-hipster unit there years before Portlandia! Ten years ago, Dig! gave us the cinematic portrait of the band’s acrimonious rivalry with competitors Brian Jonestown Massacre, arguably the ‘non-commercialized version’ of the northwest Psych-pop sound. The band puts on a great live show, as anyone who saw the band’s turns at SLC venues in their early days can attest. This is an outstanding document of a 2013 performance of their biggest-selling album, Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia including of course the hit ‘Bohemian Like You,’ a dig at BJM leader Anton Newcomble. For my taste, I prefer the sound of BJM, occasional bad vibes and all; Dandy Warhols just go down a little too easy. –Stakerized!