The Difference Machine
The Psychedelic Sounds of the Difference Machine
Psych Army Intergalactic Records
Street: 11.05
The Difference Machine = Immortal Technique + Deltron 3030 + DJ Shadow
The Difference Machine meld together the meditative effect of psychedelia with urgent rhymes about spiritual awakening. Dr. Conspiracy’s King Geedorah–style, trance-like beat is matched with emcee DT’s seamless flows and Reid Richards’ witty lyrical tour through Marvel Comics superheroes in “Marvel.” DJ Spytek and Conspiracy revisit 2011 single “Psychology” and dish up an epic, hard-hitting beat. “New Pharaoh” takes the album in an angry direction with simple drumbeats that blast between DT’s powerfully spat-out lyrics: “Who are the thought police? Writing tickets for shit you thought was free.” The album closer, “Awakening,” brings everything in the album back around again and leaves you on a different level. –Darcy R