Dirty Lungs


Communicating Vessels

Street: 07.15

Dirty Lungs =
John Frusciante x
Deep Purple + Black Lips

Dirty Lungs blast their speakers straight for the guts with the gritty riffs of “I Suck in Bed,” which warms us up for the inviting Easy Rider vibe of “All My Cats,” a Norman Greenbaum–esque number about, well, cats, which starts off simple enough before sprinting into a high-energy spacey freak-out at the end—which is pretty stellar. “Dead in a Graveyard” is a boring, Pink Floyd–like odyssey of moaned vocals. The slack-fingered picking on “Crazy (Don’t You Die)” would be great if the melody wasn’t so bad. “Don’t Fucking Remind Me,” has a jangly guitar and a distorted lack of polish that’s quite charming. The band is best at their loudest, though they explore a variety of tempos here. I’m not sure Dirty Lungs have quite found the sweet spot, but they’re not afraid to look for it. As far as garage/psychedelic rock goes, I’ve heard better, but I’ve heard much worse. –CJ Morgan