The Front Bottoms – Back on Top

Review: The Front Bottoms – Back on Top

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The Front Bottoms – Back on Top

The Front Bottoms
Back on Top

Fueled By Ramen
Street: 09.18
The Front Bottoms = Andrew Jackson Jihad + Violent Femmes

I’ve been a fan of The Front Bottoms since their self-titled album in 2011. They are, in my opinion, a generational voice for millennials. With lyrics that exhibit delayed adulthood and complicated short-term relationships, Back on Top promises everything that Talon of the Hawk promised, but with a larger production value. While they don’t break any new ground, I’m excited for this new release for the larger traction it may bring for them. They deserve radio play and well-financed tours. Songs like “Help” are what Basement and all the other neo-emo bands want to be—catchy music with confessional lyrics. Take this album and listen to it on a sad, rainy night—especially after a break up. –Alex Cragun