The Gothsicles
Squid Icarus
Negative Gain Productions
Street: 12.13.14
The Gothsicles = Bobcat Goldthwait + Caustic + Modulate

This release has some of the sickest EBM beats out there right now, and they have the added bonus of every gamer’s auditory delight: chiptune. Brian Graupner’s voice, on the other hand, is something like caviar, anchovies or escargot—a little rich and pungent at first, but then you grow to love it. It most certainly is an acquired taste. Some of the contributing industrial minds on this geek fest were Haujobb, Assemblage 23 and Rotersand. As the promotional material looked like it was straight out of a gaming guide, I envisioned them rolling their 20-sided die to see which beats they were going to use and where they were going to be placed. The hysterical closing anthem, “This Club is Closed,” featuring Angelspit, will be shutting down the bars nightly in the industrial community everywhere. I loved the music and its hilarious tales of the octopi. –Mistress Nancy