The Haunted
Exit Wounds
Century Media
Street: 08.25
The Haunted = At the Gates + The Crown + Witchery

Is this record a glimpse into the upcoming At The Gates album which will feature three Haunted members? It’s a worthwhile assumption, but not relevant here. The Haunted have always been a thrash band first. The bigger story here is that Exit Wounds marks the return of vocalist Marco Aro (Made Me Do It and One Kill Wonder), who sang on the two albums that put the band on the map. Aro’s return also marks the return to a hell of a lot more aggression than the last few Haunted albums. The aggression is highly appreciated—more speed, more hooks, more vocal ferocity. “Trend Killer” and “Psychonaut,” are beyond-fantastic thrasher songs. It makes me feel like it’s early 2000, and the band I listened to so much back then is right back where they belong. Get your shred shirt on and prepare for whiplash. Exit Wounds is the modern thrash album to hear. –Bryer Wharton