The Haxan Cloak


Tri Angle

Street: 04.16

The Haxan Cloak = Demdike Stare + Carpenter/Howarth scores + Raime

Throughout Excavation, Bobby Krlic makes incredible use of his background in sound design. There is a great deal to be heard on this record, all of it perfectly-rendered and treated in a manner that creates a seemingly tangible environment. The music may register on the darker end of the spectrum, likely due to the use of detailed low end—and overall sense of depth, but I don’t necessarily feel weighted down while listening. It’s a fascinating, impressively-crafted record, and already one of my favorites of this year. Disembodied vocals and various instruments are shaped to whatever end Krlic has deemed appropriate or necessary for each piece. "Dieu" moves at a grainy near-stutter with strings, sampled voice, and a chopped rhythm accompanied by buzzing bass. "The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)" and "The Drop" are fantastic reference points. The latter featuring a beautiful synth melody line and closing the album without any more needing to be said. T.H.