The Head and the Heart
Let’s Be Still
Sub Pop Records
Street: 10.15
The Head and the Heart = Dr. Dog + Avett Brothers
Babies of the Seattle music scene, The Head and the Heart started out playing open mics and house shows. In 2009, their self-titled first album sold over 10,000 copies within the first few months of its release—the fervent nature of their success matched the foot-stomping, energetic folk anthems that shook with powerful violin pieces and drop-dead harmonies. Let’s Be Still is a step away from spontaneous songwriting, intending to be a thoughtful, more mature sequel. In reality, most of the tracks seem overthought and lack musical interest. The arrangements like “Homecoming Heroes” are simple and calculable, while “These Days Are Numbered” sounds like a muted version of some of their earlier hits. Overall, Let’s Be Still falls short of being a stellar folk album, as it feels watered down and lacks vivacity. –Kia McGinnis