The Hidden Cameras
Evil Evil/Motor Music
Street: 01.24
The Hidden Cameras = PVT + Com Truise + Depeche Mode
My personal favorite part of this venture is the incorporation of string instruments (both the violin and cello) into a synth-heavy sound. This provides an organic sound to complement, as well as contradict, the robotics of the spacey noises. Simple melodies are, again, contradicted by slightly off-synch layered lyrics all done by the same vocalist. On top of this, strange, mechanized effects are placed on his voice randomly which provides an avenue of intrigue. AGE is a perfectly incarnated example of the resurge of new wave music. Most things were strange. Originally, the heavy reggae influences found on “Afterparty” threw me off, but in the end I was left appreciating the fact that they had tried something different. “Gay Goth Scene” details the perspectives of insensitive dogmatists. This remains the most serious song on the album. The last two tracks finish on a sweeter note, leaving you in an entirely different place than you began. A friend of mine once said, “Good music surprises you, in a good way.” I believe The Hidden Cameras have achieved that here. –LeAundra Jeffs