The History of Apple Pie
Feel Something
Marshall Teller Records
Street: 09.29
The History of Apple Pie = Lush + Garbage

How deep does your ‘90s pop nostalgia go? For the U.K.’s History of Apple Pie, it goes as deep as naming a track about a friend who’d memorized the script to Tony Scott’s True Romance. Music-wise, THOAP seems to have conflated being born in the ‘90s with maturing in them, as on their second full-length, Feel Something, the group effortlessly floats through Britpop and shoegaze influences with an album of sugar-coated, noisy ‘90s indie pop tunes. On tracks such as psych-pop flecked “Come Undone” and “Jamais Vu,” singer Stephanie Min does her best Miki Berenyi impression to solidify the reverence, and Joshua Third’s (The Horrors) production gives the tunes a polished veneer that makes them easily digestible. They’re easily the kind of gaze-y, spaced out tracks that Gregg Araki would soundtrack the next teenage apocalypse to. –Christian Schultz