The Hussy
Way With Words 
Black Gladiator/Slovenly Recordings
Street: 04.23
The Hussy = Oblivions + The Points + Nobunny 
The same rushed, distorted drumbeat for the EP’s short entirety might be too much without the simple and upbeat melodies played on a cheap-sounding keyboard or Catatonic Youth–style echoed noises—laser beams maybe? The dual vocals of Bobby and Heather Hussy help lift the three songs from bearable to something you may want to put on repeat.  Heather’s voice gives the songs the feminine flavor of a powerful version of Vivian Girls while Bobby’s voice almost breaks as he rides the barrier between singing and shouting.  The third track, “Wrong Right,” could be Times New Viking shredding a playful Kimya Dawson melody through layer after layer of fuzzy distortion, and it gives the EP a high point to end on. –Steve Richardson