The Icarus Line
Slave Vows
Agitated Records
Street: 08.06
Icarus Line = Vietnam + Iggy and the Stooges
Slave Vows is the latest incarnation of the ever-evolving Los Angeles punk outfit, The Icarus Line. On this, their sixth full-length release, The Icarus Line deliver brain-straining intensity in the form of dirty, spastic guitar flares and embittered lyrics sung in an Iggy Pop kind of quiver. John Cardamone croons the same complaints on Slave Vows as he did on the band’s previous release, Wildlife, but he does so with less of an ironic, black-slick polish and more like a staunch monk on fire protesting the injustices done to rock n’ roll. It’s good to see that someone’s still pissed off. –Jordan Deveraux