The Jackets – Shadow of Sound

Review: The Jackets – Shadow of Sound

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The Jackets – Shadow of Sound

The Jackets
Shadow of Sound

Voodo Rhythm Records
Street: 09.11
The Jackets = Shadows of Knight + The Satelliters + The Renegades

The Jackets are the result of mod revival mixed with freakbeat notions that brilliantly come through with a haunting sound only fit for the darkest corner of the garage. In other words, Shadow of a Sound is infectiously good and must be played over your speakers with the volume turned all the way up. To experience this in full effect, listeners should start with “Don’t Turn Yourself In” and then recklessly groove through the rest of these delicious 11 tracks. Here’s a warning, though: Such music may result in uncontrollable hip gyrations and twisting and shouting. By the end of each track, you may find yourself in fits of spasms and possibly even some drooling on the dancefloor. But this can’t be helped. It is, after all, essential that you risk offending for the pleasure found in such a germinating recording of rock n’ roll’s dangerous sounds. 
–Nick Kuzmack