The King Khan & BBQ Show

Bad News Boys

In The Red Records

Street: 02.24

The King Khan & BBQ Show = The Black Lips + Love + Black Flag + The Mummies

The first album in over five years from the legendary King Khan & BBQ Show pulls you head-first through the twists and turns of rock n’ roll history. One moment, your speakers will blast out the smoothness of 1960s-inspired garage pop sounds of “Never Felt Like This” and “Illuminations.”

Then, keep your ears peeled for the longing grittiness of “BuyByeBhai” and “Ocean of Love.” Follow this dose with the raw desperation of punk numbers “Zen Machines” and “D.F.O.” This 12-track album provides quite the ride and is not to be overlooked.

Do yourself a favor: Get it and drop the needle the first chance you get. If you manage to come up for air, follow the path provided by Bad News Boys and go dig through the roots of over 50 years of music history. If you haven’t already, this is not a bad place to start. –Nick Kuzmack