Review: The Legends – It’s Love

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The Legends
It’s Love

Street: 06.30
The Legends = The Embassy / Junip

The Legends are a Swedish pop project helmed by producer Johan Angergård. It’s Love, The Legends’ fifth album, finds Angergård creating through a mid-life crisis as old love dies and new love develops. Single riffs of guitar, delicate keys and soft arrangements set the stage for an intimate album about love’s curse as Angergård questions his fear of facing life without it. The album relies heavily on reverb to create a musical atmosphere that seems to expand, giving room for each song’s rhythm to grow and Angergård’s confidence to do the same. I can picture him singing these songs in a dark room that echoes his every sentiment, and grows brighter as he pours his heart out. “Keep Him” opens It’s Love with a melody that borrows from Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and adds a depressing twist, prepping the listener for an album that feels just as neurotic as love does. –Justin Gallegos