Review: The Relationship – Oh Allen 7″

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the relationship oh allen album coverThe Relationship
Oh Allen 7”

Burger Records
Street: 04.07
The Relationship = The Beat + Weezer + The Velvet Underground

Ever since checking The Relationship in January 2015, I’ve been on the lookout for when this 7” would be hitting the shelves. This 7” was described to me as comprising high-energy celebration songs, and after spinning it, I find that that’s pretty accurate. The two tracks have a noticeable ’90s power pop–meets–alternative rock n’ roll feel to them. The title track is easily my favorite out of the two. It has a punchy sound that I can get behind due to the almost infectious quality of energetic, get-on-your-feet rock. “Young Temptations,” on the other hand, has heavy rock riffs that define the number, and it makes for an easy ditty to groove to—even with the “woo hoo hoo” chorus. In all, the Oh Allen 7” found a way to grow on me in a sort of addictive, feel-good kind of way. So, take it for a spin. –Nick Kuzmack