The Rezillos 
Metropolis Records 
Street: 03.10
The Rezillos = The Revillos + The Boys 
It’s about bloody time Scottish first-wave punk band, The Rezillos, released an album—and you know what? Even after about 37 years, Zero is proof that this band knows how to deliver with awesome, enthusiastic energy. It’s got everything from sneering vocals, heavy guitars and bass, and the addictive hooks of traditional punk rock. The opening track, “Groovy Room,” is some-thing that grips the soul with spooky vocals riddled with haunted guitar riffs. “She’s the Bad One” and “Tiny Boy” are perfect examples of Fay Fife’s brilliant, assertive and echoing, melod-ic vocals—these examples are almost the sole reason to check out this record. That said, there is no filler, so this demands your attention.  Other groups rely on their past glory to continue on, but The Rezillos have blown the past away while still playing a nostalgic sound, but with some-thing totally new and raw. –Nick Kuzmack