Review: The Sandwitches – Our Toast

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The Sandwitches
Our Toast

Empty Cellar Records
Street: 06.09
The Sandwitches = La Sera + Widowspeak

The Sandwitches are a spooky-folk San Francisco trio. Heidi Alexander, Roxy Brodeur and Grace Cooper have decided that Our Toast is their third and final album: They are putting the band to sleep with a powerful yet weary and drawn-out collection of songs that stand for memory and memorabilia. Our Toast consists of heavy piano sets that evoke a particular deceptive happiness. The subtle flute and drumming iterates a marinating melancholy between haunting vocals that rise and fall in an eerily pleasant way, like drifting to sleep in a 1950s floral-wallpapered house or standing still while everything around moves in blurs. Our Toast is full of tension and lo-fi, distant instrumentals that leave one emotionally confused. –Lizz Corrigan