The Shackeltons


Think Loud Entertainment

Street: 04.22

The Shackeltons =
The Rakes + Les Savy Fav + The Von Bondies

Records resonates the same essence that Test Icicles did, only after the caffeine (or whatever stronger stimulant) had begun to wear off. The similarity between the groups is most apparent through the tone of The Shackeltons’ vocalist, Mark Redding, especially when on the verge of a high-pitched shriek, while avoiding the downfall of Test Icicles: their screamo sound. As Records progresses, the pace tends to slow and the genre begins to shift—not enough to bother me (I prefer the album’s semi-bluesy second half), but enough to notice some flux. Starting at the chorus of “Call Call,” The Shackletons begin adding experimental sounds, like a few notes from a saxophone (or synthetic saxophone). The album ends well and begins well, but I wouldn’t mind more intermingling between the styles throughout. –Steve Richardson