The Shivas
You Know What to Do
K Records
Street: 10.28
The Shivas = Dr. Dog + The Ventures + The Black Angels

Releasing their fourth LP, The Shivas are back with an album that will surely get you shakin’. From beginning to end, You Know What To Do delivers at all tempos, pumping me up and then slowing things down. With the surf vibe’s strong presence, the album’s opener and title track starts with a familiar riff and quickly progresses into a groovy, upbeat tune. The upbeat melody continues halfway through the album, until “Beach Heads” comes on and gives your neck a break from nodding to the beat. With the exception of this track and maybe one other, the album keeps quite the pace and a great rhythm. The last track softly brings it to an end, but left me wanting more of that Shivas sound. Bravo, I say, bravo. –Dylan Evans