The Ska-Skank Redemption
Wicked Bees
Street: 07.25.13
Ska-Skank Redemption = Deal’s Gone Bad + Slightly Stoopid + Green Day
Ska-Skank Redemption—why hasn’t anyone else thought of this name before? In all the years of this genre, there wasn’t a single ska band that chose this obvious name?! Well, this seven-man band from Fargo, N.D. claimed it for themselves with the release of Wicked Bees, using an even blend of ska, reggae and pop punk. The opening bass line to the first track, “Hit ‘n’ Run” was enough to draw me in, and as soon as those horns came in, I was about ready to skank up a storm. Songs like “Hit ‘n’ Run” and “Age of Wine” resemble the traditional dance-like ska beat. “Minnesota” brings a lot more emphasis on the guitar, giving the song a more raw, punk rock edge to the EP—all while lead singer Dan Christianson upholds clean and emotional vocals similar to that of Billie Joe Armstrong.
–Eric U. Norris