Album cover art for No Heaven by The Slow Death.

Review: The Slow Death – No Heaven

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The Slow Death

No Heaven

Rad Girlfriend Records

Street: 08.05.13

The Slow Death = Rancid + Dropkick Murphys

No Heaven is a combination of fast, loud and angry Oi! music, with whiskey-soaked vocals, layered with dark, depressing lyrics. Despite coming from a darker place, The Slow Death provide some poppy–sounding tunes like “Nowhere Left To Sleep” and “A Little Less Ugly.”

No Heaven is lyrically a no-bullshit number with a frontal assault on the senses provided by the fast and hard guitar riffs. However, despite some elements of pop, the overall tone of this album is a bit too depressing for my taste. So, like the number “I Need A Drink,” I need to get myself a pick-me-up after this one. Cue the jukebox. –Nick Kuzmack