The Sounds
Arinoki Records/INgrooves
Street: 10.29
The Sounds = Metric + Shiny Toy Guns
The Sounds have released another album similar to their two most previous creations both in style and content. Indie folk influences with their typical electro-pop base won’t throw off or impress faithful fans. This album is about what you’d expect. “Great Day” changes it up a bit with whimsical banjo riffs though. I caught myself wondering if the first three songs were all one title, authenticating that there isn’t enough diversity throughout the first half of the album. The production exhibits that a) songs that are reminiscent of new wave (“Young and Wild”), and b) works of syncopated fierceness (“Outlaw”). The lyrics are relatable and youthful. Overall, the album was pleasant, but also safe and prosaic. –LeAundra Jeffs