The Warlocks
Skull Worship
Zap Banana/Cargo
Street: 11.26
The Warlocks = Dead Meadow + Brian Jonestown Massacre/B.R.M.C’s The Effects of 333
Most of the record, much like their prior effort, The Mirror Explodes, is a shoegazy affair redolent of ethereal My Bloody Valentine static and dreampoppy vocal melodies. But for the fans of the jaunty hooks and crunch of Phoenix, don’t be daunted by the airy melodies of this one, for this is easily corrected with volume. The album opens up with “Dead Generation,” which is a jam-rocker akin to some of their more energized psychedelic thunder from the past. Skull Worship really reaches its potential on fourth track “Silver & Plastic”—a scumbag confessional along the same lines as “Thursday’s Radiation.” At times dim and cathedral, at others lavender and surreal, Skull Worship is a communion with the dead, but it is in no way a reanimation of their records of yore. –Jordan Deveraux