The Wheel Workers


ZenHill Records

Street: 05.25

The Wheel Workers = Joe Strummer and Mescaleros + Woody Guthrie

Generations of artists seeking to voice dissatisfaction with the status quo laid out a heritage of sociopolitical consciousness, and when they supercharge those nuances with the ferocity of rock n’ roll, it usually comes across with sheer brilliance. The Wheel Workers’ new album, Citizens, is just that—brilliant.

It’s eight up-tempo, provocative tracks of foreboding (“Wage Slaves”), perseverance (“Dreams”) and love (“Run Away”). Their romantic and relevant lyrical quality makes them notable, but it is the exceptional energy that goes into each number that makes them stand out. I dig this album, and if their live performances are anything like what is recorded here, The Wheel Workers will be a group to watch. –Nick Kuzmack