Thee Oh Sees

Floating Coffin

Castle Face Records

Street: 04.16

Thee Oh Sees = The Fresh & Onlys + Wavves

These days, it seems John Dwyer only knows life from within the walls of his abundant pet projects. His dabbling with Thee Oh Sees caused the band to beget 12 albums since 2004—virtually nominating Dwyer as the Nikolai Tesla of contemporary garage/psyche.

On that note, Floating Coffins carries the torch from previous albums in terms of brilliance while harboring a few newborn nuances. The opening track, “I Come From The Mountain,” is the only track that is solidly indicative of the band’s prior stylings—which helps shoehorn previous fans into the album.

Further on, the thrumming and pivoting “Strawberry 1 + 2” has a distinguishable texture that brushes shoulders with the likes of early-era Smashing Pumpkins. The locomotive rhythm and jagged guitar work in “Maze Fancier,” would appease even the most strict art rock fan. Really, who needs iTunes Genius when you can just shuffle Thee Oh Sees?–Gregory Gerulat