Sub Pop

Street: 02.24

THEESatisfaction = Shabazz Palaces / Lauryn Hill

Hailing from Seattle, Stas and Cat of THEESatisfaction bring some of the most lyrically progressive and futuristic sounds in hip-hop today. EarthEE presents itself as a message of change from people who know they can’t force change. They’re message is not one of desperation like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five delivered in the early ’80s, nor is it a metaphorical message that needs decoding like that of last year’s Lese Majesty from label mates and frequent collaborators Shabazz Palaces.

On “Planet For Sale,” Stas raps, “I’m a planet in the planting, how we destroyed a planet when we didn’t plant things / maybe all we’re seeing now are clan games, but we can’t even see out of our damn shades.” Stas’ lyrics and Cat’s soulful singing turns hip-hop songs into universal hymnals that promote peace and growth but also pack enough swagger to rock a house party at the same time. –Justin Gallegos

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