They Might Be Giants

First Album Live

Idlewild Recordings

Street: 07.08

They Might Be Giants = Jonathan Coulton + Moxy Früvous – nerdcore

It’s been almost 28 years since They Might Be Giants release their debut self-titled album, launching a career that would span over four decades and earn a legion of dedicated fans. Now that the group are running their own label, they’ve started doing some cool things with their catalog, including having released this album for free in July 2014. This is a live album and a compilation rolled into a fine musical sushi roll, as it contains live performances of their first album’s tracks, all taken from their 2013 tour at various stops, and arranged in the original order. With nearly three decades of time since the original recordings, it’s interesting to see how the duo has changed some of the compositions over time to make the familiar bits interesting again. With how good this sounds, it wouldn’t surprise us if you saw live versions of Lincoln and Flood in the near future! –Gavin Sheehan