They Might Be Giants


Idlewild Recordings

Street: 05.28

They Might Be Giants = Jonathan Coulton + Moxy Früvous – nerdcore

They Might Be Giants are no strangers to compilations, with 10 of them in a career spanning over four decades, Idlewild adds to their already extensive catalog. Taking the name of their self-created record label, the album spans 15 years of their career, picking up both obvious choices and a strange collection of works going as far back as 1999’s Long Tall Weekend to 2013’s Nanobots. The band didn’t create a “best of” album, but more an introduction to their most recent work, with specifically chosen tracks that still sound superb. This is actually a good thing because, while their 2002 compilation Dial-A-Song covered their first 20 years extremely well for anyone looking to jump into the music, it doesn’t give insight to their current material. Idlewild serves more as a fantastic-sounding bridge to guide older fans into their newer catalog and for potential new fans to discover the band. –Gavin Sheehan