They Might Be Giants
Street: 03.05
TMBG = Jonathan Coulton + Moxy Früvous – nerdcore
They Might Be Giants have had a rocky history over the past decade when it comes to their adult albums. Their 2011 album, Join Us, was OK at best, nowhere near 2007’s The Else, which left a lot of potential for Nanobots to be really awesome. Right from the start with “You’re On Fire,” this album kicks off well with a rocking beat and familiar horns in the background with a catchy chorus—the very essence of any fine TMBG track. This whole album shows the duo going back to what they do best, short and memorable tracks with a hint of humor, harkening to the feel of their Lincoln/Flood era with songs like “Lost My Mind” and “Tesla.” There’s even a nod to their classic track “Fingertips” with several short songs peppered throughout the 25-track album. For TMBG fans, this is a welcome return to their original quirky style. –Gavin Sheehan