This Will Destroy You
Another Language
Suicide Squeeze
Street: 09.12
This Will Destroy You = Mogwai + Tortoise

In a genre that’s not exactly known for its immediacy, Another Language takes its time. At the same time, with songs clocking in around the 4.5-minute mark, these dudes get to the point much quicker than many of their more famous contemporaries. That doesn’t really seem to make sense, but it totally fits. If there were ever a post-rock record that could be considered “pop,” it might be this one. However, there is no way that this could ever get played on the radio with how subtly it moves from one idea to the next. I usually listen to this genre for the big release, but Another Language never quite delivers in the way Sigur Rós might, and I’m glad for it. These consistently changing songs might not necessarily be breaking new ground, but the quality and movement here is enough to keep me coming back for more. –Alex Gilvarry