Thrushes – Exposing Seas

Review: Thrushes – Exposing Seas

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Thrushes – Exposing Seas

Exposing Seas

New Granada Records
Street: 09.18
Thrushes =Esben and the Witch + Swirlies

This record is Thrushes’ first in a good number of years, and despite those years, it sounds like they’ve been consistently working together. They still have a very impactful volume, but they’ve passed up above their big, indie rock sound to more atmospheric, shoegaze vibes. It doesn’t feel like they’ve changed much, just taken a firm hold of a style they were already playing. Fans of their older stuff should check it out, but it lacks a certain something in comparison and feels a touch dramatic sometimes, like in sweeping, brilliantly produced tracks like their single, “Joan of Arc.” However, I really liked the dark and melodic “Snowblind” and the infectious pop track “Arsonist.” It’s not the most remarkable album I’ve heard this year, but it’s worth checking out from a band that’s been together a long time. –Erin Moore