Thurston Moore
The Best Day
Matador Records
Street: 10.20
Thurston Moore = Sonic Youth – the rest of the band + Free Kitten / Chelsea Light Moving

It’s really difficult to listen to a Thurston Moore project and not instantly be transported back to the day Sonic Youth’s Goo came out. This may sound detrimental, but it’s actually a great thing, knowing that Moore has such a distinct sound and that it transcends decades and projects. When you hear Moore play, you know who the fuck it is, and that sound instantly gives you chills as you know there’s something cool coming if you just kick back and let it play. The Best Day is no exception, and while it may be just 8 tracks long, you get your money’s worth as some of these got from eight to eleven minutes long. This is an old-school alternative album at its finest, not grunge or experimental, but a very cool vibe of simple guitar/bass/drum combos. If chilling in your apartment had a soundtrack, this would be it. –Gavin Sheehan