Street: 05.07

Tim & Adam = Memory Cassette + Tennis

Before Tim & Adam, I had never actually listened to either of them. Tim, of The Postmarks and Adam from I Am Stereo came together and created an album that will most likely end up on many a summer mixtapes. The mix of psyche pop synths and both of Tim and Adam’s airy vocals make for perfect tracks to cruise to the lake to, drive to the mountains, or just sit in the backyard with a lemonade and jam out.

Recorded on an early-’70s Lowrey organ, there are a lot of new and fun things to hear. And that’s exactly what the album is: fun. This isn’t necessarily one of those albums I would pop in to have a super far-out experience listening to, but it is one to turn on when you just want to be happy. It’s as simple as that. For instance, the tracks “Stuck In My Head” and “What Are We To Do” keep the vibe of the LP uber mellow, while “So Much More,” keeps your foot tapping and the energy around you bright and cheery.

The music isn’t complicated, the vocals aren’t overpowering, but for a debut LP, I don’t think that’s a bad thing for these guys. Whether a one-time effort or the beginning of something new, the effort put in was well done. –Karamea Puriri