Timmy’s Organism – Heartless Heathen

Review: Timmy’s Organism – Heartless Heathen

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Timmy’s Organism – Heartless Heathen

Timmy’s Organism
Heartless Heathen

Third Man Records
Street: 10.30
Timmy’s Organism = The Stooges + Captain Beefheart

Detroit is a veritable dystopia, and Timmy’s Organism provides the soundtrack to its perpetual decline. America’s largest municipality to file for bankruptcy has become the capital for rock n’ roll’s revival. Under the auspices of Jack White’s Third Man Records, legendary Detroit native Timmy Vulgar (Clone Defects, Human Eye) and his demolition crew look to Don Van Vliet and Iggy Pop for inspiration and find it in large (over)doses. Wasting no time, Heartless Heathen’s opening track, “Get Up, Get Out,” burns and razes everything around it, leaving nothing in its wake. Vulgar’s howl rivals no one. In “Please Don’t Be Going,” Vulgar switches between bluesy crooning and drunken wailing as he pleads for his love not to leave. The sound of rust emanates through the speakers. Distortion intends to destroy speakers and headphones alike. Every track oozes grime and may require a tetanus shot after listening. Heartless Heathen provides a much needed analog pulse in a digitally driven world. –Stephan Wyatt