Title Fight
Street: 02.03
Title Fight = Black Forrest Fire + Sunny Day Real Estate / Defeater
If you were to take Title Fight’s 2012 LP Floral Green and perform it at the bottom of an empty pool, then slowly fill the pool during the performance, you would get Hyperview. To sophomoric punk aficionados, this is just another punk band softening their sound or a band surrendering to the neo-shoegaze craze we’ve been riding for the past five years. It’s not. This album is a love note to guitars and effects pedals. Swirling, fluttered rhythm stanzas tryst a meadow of hollow drumbeats in the opening song “Chlorine,” with muted monotonic vocals. Hyperview is a study of the guitar in a melodious manner, and it succeeds. Many people compare this change to what Jawbreaker did years ago, and it’s a great comparison because Jawbreaker kick ass. I can’t wait for what the future brings for these guys. –Alex Cragun