Ultima II Massage
Ghostly International
Street: 05.13
TOBACCO = (Beck x Avey Tare) / (Black Moth Super Rainbow x Dan Deacon)

Bless this godforsaken heap of digital diarrhea. The most anticipated release of summer is here with TOBACCO’s latest and vilest album to date. I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Heavy vocoding, vulgar lyrics, mangled synths—it’s a bit like a pus-filled, oozing wound. Just like a sore you can’t cure, it’s so intriguing and revolting it hurts. Still, something about picking at it is so therapeutic. It’s a complete conundrum—nothing about the album is linear or rational, yet its rawness is so stimulating that it’s addicting. Every track is deconstructed and dysfunctional to the point of perfection. I have a hard time choosing favorites. “Eruption” is a bundle of greasy slime, “Face Breakout” is a groovy grind of glass to the face, and “Pool City, McKnight Road” is everything you love about an ’80s workout videotape. Do yourselves a favor and get this. It’ll make your eardrums melt with ecstasy and bliss. –Kamryn Feigel