Tom Brosseau

Grass Punks

Crossbill Records

Street: 01.21

Tom Brosseau = Port O’Brien + M. Craft

North Dakota prodigy, Tom Brosseau, is soaring into the New Year with his newest album, Grass Punks. Compared to prior albums like What I Mean To Say Is Goodbye and Posthumous Success, Grass Punks falls on the simpler side of things. He uses less instrumental variation on this album, but still manages to produce a cool, indie-folk sound. Brosseau keeps it acoustic, even titling one of his tracks “I Love To Play Guitar.” He accompanies his calming melodies with contemplative librettos—the kind of lyrics his fans relate to, in a haunting kind of way. Grass Punks is a Sunday morning or late-night kind of album. –Lizz Corrigan