Cover art for Dissed and Dismissed by Tony Molina.

Review: Tony Molina – Dissed and Dismissed

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Tony Molina

Dissed and Dismissed

Slumberland Records

Street: 03.25

Tony Molina = Weezer + Guided By Voices + Teenage Fanclub

Tony Molina’s solo project blends the powerful genres of power pop and hardcore and is being reissued into a tight, compact 12-minute album after its initial February 2013 release. “Sick Ass Riff,” despite its mellow guitar plucking, seems to define the essence of the album as simple pop numbers combined with pedal abuse.

With the distorted guitar shredding and mellow vocals that make up numbers like “Nowhere To Go” and “The Way Things Are,” this album is what Weezer would have sounded like if they lacked the pop sensibilities that distinguished their sound. Even with the quick listen, there are more engaging albums out there, like Weezer’s Blue Album. –Nick Kuzmack